The meaning of the Therapeutic Essential Oils Grade

Since there are no current regulatory standards for the descriptive grade of "therapeutic essential oils" it is important to do your own due diligence. I realized you can go to your local health food store and purchase essential oils. They're labeled as "pure" so they're good right?

Well, maybe not!

See, to use the label "pure" you need a MINIMUM of 5% of actual pure essential oil. As long as you have that much, you can slap on a label that says it's 100% pure essential oil. Technically it's true. They've met the minimum requirement but what is the rest of it? "Fillers". That could be a basic carrier oil or something a synthetic form of the oil. So basically with no real way to tell what's in the bottle I found it hard to trust that it was in fact pure. 

Take a look for yourself

You may or may not have a bottle of "Tea Tree Oil" laying around. Turn it over and read the label. Does it include a "Not for Internal Use" disclaimer on it. The one I was using did! That worried me. What we put on our skin absorbs into our bloodstream. That's internal to me. I found myself wondering, how do I know if it's safe to use?

The true meaning of therapeutic essential oils means that they have true therapeutic quality. That entails them being 

  • pure, natural, aromatic compounds carefully extracted from plants
  •  they do not contain fillers or artificial ingredients that would dilute their active qualities and are free of contaminants such as pesticides or other chemical residues

Equally as important in keeping contaminants out of the oils, assuring the presence of their active compounds at the right levels is necessary to guarantee safety and effectiveness. Many oils claim to be therapeutic grade, and some may be pure, but few are subjected to rigorous testing standards for chemical composition. For this reason I chose dōtERRa CPtG Certified Pure therapeutic Grade® essential oils. Their oils are cross tested using mass spectrometry and gas chromatography to ensure both the extract purity and composition potency of each batch. Sounds like a bunch of fancy jargon but it's important. Important becuase they have the testing backing up their product. The testing is done by outside third party testing to make sure that what they claim is in the bottle actually is in there. Completely pure, unadulterated and safe for use. 

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