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 If you are trying to conceive the best piece of advice I could ever give is, chart your basal body temperature (or BBT). The next thing I'm going to tell you the number one reason couples are trying but most likely doing it wrong. DON'T use an ovulation prediction calendar! You heard that right. All those fancy online calendars and graphs you've been seeing or already using, ditch them. The only things you need is a simple cheap basal thermometer and a calendar to write on. I'll explain....

When my husband and I decided we would start trying to conceive or TTC as it's affectionately shortened to, I did months of reading and researching. My head began to spin with all the information out there. It wasn't until we took a mandatory Pre-Cana course that I things started to make sense. There was a lesson we needed to learn about called Natural Family Planning. Now I'm not going to go into the Religious reasons that they taught to us but I am going to say that it works. Here's why. Natural family Planning teaches you how to learn the signs your body is telling you that it's ready to conceive. There are actually little messages that your body leaves you. I was blown away. How did I NOT KNOW this?

As women we assume we know everything about our body. Our menstrual cycle is taught to us as young girls and we know how it works already right? Well, that's not really the entire picture on fertility. Among others signs there is one very simple thing that our body does to alert us to our fertility level. Our Temperature. Specifically our basal body temperature. A practice that I learned about and implemented in our trying to conceive.

So what does it mean?

Your basal body temperature refers to the temperature of your body when it is at complete rest. Slight changes in this temperature can help you determine when you are ovulating. The first half of your menstrual cycle is called the follicular phase. It begins the last day of your previous month's cycle and ends the day you ovulate. During the first part of a woman's menstrual cycle basal body temperatures will be lower.

The second half of your cycle is from ovulation until your next period. This phase is called the luteal phase. Around ovulation your basal body temperature increases, or "spikes" and remains in this higher range until it drops off just before your next menstrual period. The important thing to remember is that once you record a temperature "spike" you have already ovulated. This spike is only a confirmation that ovulation has indeed occurred. Because of this charting is an extremely helpful way to learn when you are most likely ovulating. 

After charting for a few month you will be able to learn the pattern of your menstral cycle. You will learn key specifics that will help you pinpoint your most fertile time and varies greatly from woman to woman. You will be able to identify..

  • the length of your follicular phase
  • the day (or range of days) you normally ovulate
  • the length of your luteal phase
  • the number of days in your complete menstrual cycle 
  • when to expect your period to begin

To learn more including how to Chart click here

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