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Hi, I'm Dee. Wife. mother of 2 and the creator of SlightlyCrispy.com. This site was made out of my passion to search out the best and convenient natural products for myself and my family. I get such a thrill sharing my favorite finds and having people come back to me saying "Thank You!! That helped me so much!"

I truly love helping people. It's just in my nature. My calling I guess. I can't just sit back and mind my own business (although sometimes I probably should ha!) knowing I can help out in some way. 

My calling came early, right out of high school, as an EMT. I ran all over, day and night, to assist those in need-as a volunteer. 

A volunteer? really?!

Yes! And I loved it. You need to have a special kind of need to serve others to be a volunteer. BUT it doesn't pay the bills, of course. So I graduated college and became an x-ray technologist then further specialized in Mammography. And so was my life for about a decade until I got married.

Being together the better part of 5 years before we got married, my husband and I knew we waned children right away and on the day of our 1 year anniversary we celebrated by having our daughter's baby shower. We both had agreed that I would stay home with our children so I gave up my career to start my new roll as a stay at home mom. Which I love wholeheartedly. I really do! Now I won't lie. There are moments when I miss my old life. The "disposable income". There are times when I mourn my career but it's all been completely worth it for me. 

The downside of being a SAHM is the difficulties of living off of one salary. I married an incredible man. One that works endlessly so I can be home with our children. As appreciative as i am for that it also keeps us from having him home. My husband is a firefighter for the city of New York and so spend lots of time at the firehouse instead of our house. The long 24 hour shifts somedays seem to never end. And when he does get home he's equally as busy helping with dinner, laundry, baths and bedtime every night. He is a father that every wife wishes for. But as the day draws to an end I see the exhaustion in his eyes and hear the spent sighs when he's finally able to sit.

I realized I need to do something to help. I took to the internet, as many now do, to try and find some sort of work at home position. I tried a few different ventures that ultimately I realized I didn't have the passion or the time commitment for. Others were flat out scams that I quickly ran from. I eventually found a great fit for me by starting this site. It combines all my favorite things to do. I can talk about my children, which is probably my most favorite thing to do, and share my experiences as a wife, mother and my passion to give them a more holistic life.

You'll probably be seeing a lot of me and my family as I discuss things as I want to show you that i don't hide behind my words. Anything I claim to use or recommend I do in fact use myself. And when i say its safe for your child and family i want you to know that I indeed have used it on mine first. There is nothing that crushes my soul more than something inferring, whether intentional or not, that a recommendation of mine is based purely on a personal or financial benefit rather than from the best intention. 

While the underlying goal of this site is to help financially provide for my family it will never be at the expense of anothers'.

 This site stems from that age old saying...

Do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life. 

Those are the principles behind the company I used to build this site called Solo Build It. Through them I learned you can take any topic you're passionate about and build a business around it. Like me there are so many other stay at home moms that have found out how to turn their0 hobby, passion or interest into a viable online business

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