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Welcome to the home of slightly crispy. Your 'how-to guide" to my favorite natural alternative products . What is slightly crispy you might ask? Well to put it in a nutshell it's me! Slightly Crispy is a term I came up with to define myself. Read on, I bet you're like me!

To be or not to be......

Crunchy that is. See I babywear and breastfeed, does that make me crunchy? To some, yes.

But I vaccinate so do I 'lose' my crunchy status? On the flip side I co-sleep and cloth diaper so I'm kinda "weird" to my mainstream friends . So where does that put me?

Is there some sort of middle ground? Some half/crunchy title? I've found myself caught in between a world of pre-packaged convenience and pro-breastfeed your kid where you see fit.

So where do I fit in?

Am I crunchy because I prefer natural alternative products or am I too mainstream? I was having a chat with a friend where she said "well you're pretty crunchy" and I said "but really I'm not, I'm only slightly crunchy, more crispy than crunchy. I'm slightly crispy!" And so became the birth of Slightly Crispy!

I decided there MUST be others like me.

  • Those confused on where they fit in on the "crunchy" spectrum.
  • Moms that want to be natural and organic but don't know where to begin or what to look for.
  • New mom that feel the pressure to know everything for their newborn but are overwhelmed. 
  • The exhausted parent that doesn't have the time (or energy) to spend hours searching for what's safe for their little ones.

I'm not a doctor, lawyer or psychiatrist nor do i play one on tv (although I do have a medical field background, see the About Us page for more)  but what I AM is a MOM.  And I take that job quite serious.

I love yoga, and believe just about everything can be fixed with coconut and essential oils, but at the end of the day they all have to have one common thread.. Convenience!! So while I'm Pinterest crazed I'm also lazy as all heck. And with 2 small children the thing I'm the shortest on, is time. So if you've ever had the desire to use more natural alternative products for yourself and family but afraid you don't have the endless amount of time to spend on finding out what to use, then this site is for you.

I'm constantly being told "How did you know that?" and "wow, where did you find that?". I'm always on the hunt for the safest natural alternative products for myself and my family but almost as equally important are the tools to use them. My husband calls me the gadget queen for a reason. I usually have something on hand to tackle just about everything quickly and easy.  Did I mention I need convenience?! I'll share all of my best finds to help you see how quick and easy it is to be more holistic. From all natural cleaning products to using cloth baby diapers with ease and everything in between. I'll cover ways to use the natural signs your body is giving you to help you conceive. I'll show you how to make your own organic baby products, beauty products and household products within minutes so you can carry on with your day.

 Look I'm not going to barrage you with a "breast is best" campaign or chastise you into thinking that by not co-sleeping you've banished your child to the exiles of his own crib! This is a safe zone. A place you can dabble in your desire to use more natural alternative products without having to change your entire way of lie. I simply want to help you be the greener you, a holistic you, a crunchy you. You can dive in as much as you desire or be content trying out a slightly crispier way than the norm. I invite you to bring out your own Slightly Crispy side!

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